Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sneak peak

With only three days to go until our next challenge I thought I would give a little teaser of my page.

Plus a little hint about the challenge itself, it will be a challenge that requires you in the kitchen hmmmm wonder what that means??????

That is all you get, bribery will be considered (depending on how good it is) if you can't wait, hahaha.

Until then hugs and love Annette x


  1. looks great Annette, love the black and orange theme! Hmm I see some familiar items LOL can't want to see the full layout :):):)

  2. well Annette since its YOU and since its ORANGE (my fave) I think I might have a go at this...under 1 dont keep me waiting TOO long for the criteria LOL you are such a looks gorgeous and full of details so come on..... xxx

  3. Waiting.......waiting.......waiting......