Thursday, June 5, 2014

Orange Paperie June Challenge

Bec here at Orange Paperie & Co...

My first challenge... thought I had better make it a good one!
Something for everyone...
To get the creative sparks flying...
And a challenge with a lot of scope for interpretation!

My challenge for you is ...Tic Tac Toe

The table above has different scrapbooking elements for you to use on your layout
...but with Tic Tac Toe you must choose a line of the elements, whether it be Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal.  This doesn't limit you to using any of the other elements or others you want to add but you must play the game by letting us know the line on the table you have chosen.

Now on to our GD for the month of June. 
She is an inspiration to me and has welcomed me into her "Home" 
Encouraged my talent and given me numerous ideas!

Heather Waldron
Heather is an amazingly talented scrapper and the founder of the Ning Community Scrapbooking Website
"Home and Scrapped"

Hiya, I’m Heather, a fifty something, life-long crafter, happily married with two grown kids. We live in Brisbane with our two cats – been here for four years and love it. I came from country NSW, lived in Scotland for a decade and then moved to coastal NSW before Brisbane. We seem to be itinerant, but it’s accidental, because I crave deep roots and a little cottage somewhere nice.
I love making things and, along with most of the women in my family, have been doing just that since childhood. For several years I was a dedicated quilter and designed upwards of a hundred projects for craft magazines like Handmade and Patchwork & Stitching and I had a business selling my patterns. My house was full of fabric and projects on the go and I loved doing it all. Never thought it would change.
And then I walked past a scrapbooking store about eight years ago. Well… I didn’t really walk past it, I was sucked into it by some mystical force and drooled my way around the shop in a delighted hungry daze. That was it for me, scrapbooking began to slowly but surely take over my creative life until I forgot that it was called a sewing room and started calling my space a scrap room.
I started initially because I wanted to tell the stories of my family. My children are both adopted and their stories kind of started with us. I wanted to give them a sense of belonging and history that didn’t really come with them when we met them, as there are no baby photos, no first moments. Scrapbooking fills that gap, with tangible evidence of their importance in the world. 

My first efforts were satisfying and I’m still OK with them, but I really like the style that I eventually developed over the years, after attempting challenges on forums and blogs and stretching myself creatively. 
I am a person who loves paper. (Apparently that’s papyrophilia.) I love colour and visual texture and I love tonal patterns rather than busy prints. When I scrap, I like to use scrappy bits and easy techniques that work together in some way. I’ve always been on a strict budget and that has dictated my style quite a bit I think. 
Journaling is very important to me. I want my pages to tell the story whether I am there or not. The whole point of scrapbooking is to tell the story, to document the who, why, where and when of my photos and my feelings about it all too. Otherwise it’s just a pretty picture book.
I run a scrapbooking forum where there are monthly challenges, and I have a sketch blog, I also make flowers to sell sometimes. I love sketching and making flowers, it’s satisfies another part of my creativity that making cards and pages doesn’t quite reach. I love seeing how people interpret my sketches, and it’s also quite a buzz seeing my flowers on other people’s  pages.

I don’t consider myself a great scrapper, but I think I’m good enough, and good enough is just fine. My husband and kids like the stories and that’s what matters.
Heather Waldron

"Let us see how she tackled Tic Tac Toe...."
(Just Relax)
For this page I used the TTT line Punching-Orange-Cogs. My punching is fairly simple, mainly circles of different sizes, with a Stamping Up bird and a heart thrown into the mix. I also punched a partial circle from the smaller photo to allow the paper to peek through, and added another punched circle to that. The background is plain cream cardstock, swiped with gesso and spritzed with orange glimmer mist. I then used a pen and my glue lid to ink some circles onto the background in two colours, and added a couple of circle stamps for good measure. I love to use up scraps for my pages, and here I have used really small scrappy bits in orange and chocolate. I then added the journaling paper and embellishments that include cogs, a bottle cap, bling and brads. I love sneaking a little bling onto my masculine pages.
The photos are of my lovely husband of 26 years!
Absolutely Beautiful as usual!!!

Heather has also kindly made something for the winner of this challenge.
This is an example of her amazing flowers as she mentioned above that she sells from her blog, go across to check them out. The papers are all quality & acid free, and the items are all loose so that they can be arranged however the recipient wants.  Stunning!

Thank you Heather for being my Guest Designer.
Even reading your bio myself has given me an insight into your world that even I haven't seen before.  Beautiful lady!

My layout for Tic Tac Toe

(till there was you)

The line of elements I used was a vertical one of Twine, Cogs and Embossing.
My two gorgeous nephews, having fun in a playhouse.

The June Challenge being relaesed on the 5th of June means I should wish my youngest nephew in the photo, Nathaniel, a very Happy 3rd Birthday!

Mary and John join me on this blog post.
Jo and Kim will give us some mid month inspiration.

A big Warm Welcome to Heather and such a great take on the Tic, Tac, Toe and thank you for the gorgeous tag for the winner of the challenge, a lucky person is going to love that ! and Bec what a super Cute layout. Love how it looks like they are looking out of the layout and gorgeous colour scheme and fabulous challenge you have set.
I think I ended up using most of the elements in the end.
I have used chippy frame, butterflies and embossing, but I also have stamping, twine and Orange.


Now I hand you over to John with his take on Bec's Challenge

Hi Again & welcome to another month, and what a great challenge
Bec has set for us. Thank you to Heather for joining us this Month.
What lovely layouts to inspire us.

I have also used the Twine, Cogs and Embossing.

 (Double Trouble) 

These are my little boys with their lovely smiles.
Hope you all find the time to join us this month.

Just had to pop back and say I saw John's layout in real life today and the embossed background is so stunning ! and very clever. Sometimes photo's just don't do a layout justice.  Looking forward to seeing the entries  ~ Mary


  1. Great challenge Bec and awesome examples from the DT, wow Heather your work is gorgeous, the DT is so lucky you could add some inspiration for this month

  2. Stunning work all...and Thank You so very much Heather for creating for us and also sharing your story..... I love getting to know people a little better, don't you?!